Andrei Pavel

artist, nu blogger…

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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Andrei Pavel. Andrei Pavel said: Code and new clans from other platforms: […]

    • Kriss de Valnor says:

      hi:) got here through the post on the news feed 🙂 knew it already from some other people but there are many players here who are alone so good u posted it. agree about the fights and robberies. have the same only of course on relatively lower level, being 356 have to fight around 500 and know other people who face it too. It’s harder to win a fight and robbery like 7-2 is a success.
      code bonuses adding 10 to health or 3 to deffence won’t improve the sit. much I’m afraid.

      • sssfinxxx says:

        i can’t even get the bonuses cause i lost the code and i sent a mail to zynga. they said i get one in 24 hours. they passed 48

        lucky me i have strong att/def.. and i win on fights with 700+ levels but it’s not easy. they should use some settings cause it’s really unfair

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