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Apophysis 7X

A aparut ultima versiune de Apophysis!


Apophysis 2.08 7X repezinta o noua generatie in materie de flame fractals. O noua interfata si multe avantaje la nivel grafic. Xyrus02 este abia la prima upgradare de Apophysis insa mai urmeaza si altele.

O lista cu cele mai importante imbunatatiri:

:bulletred: brand new graphic interface
:bulletred: you have a choice of previewing your flame file as a list of names or as a thumbnail display
(which is great, if you have many fractals with similar names, like I do)
:bulletred:when you loading a set of params and a plugin is missing you will get a message telling
you that you don’t have ‘xyz’ plugin
:bulletred:in win7 you have an interactive minimized panel display with few main functions of Apophysis
:bulletred:in the Render dialogue box – you have two graphics bars, one for memory usage (green
states things are Ok and you can proceed with render, yellow warns to check things and
red of course means, something is wrong), Your render progress and other features are
similar to previous version
:bulletred:improved speed response, in your gradient window or in your adjustments the slider
bars work smoother and faster
:bulletred:the speed, when you working in the editor is better as well
:bulletred:the quality fractal display has bigger size options
:bulletred:Warning for using zoom function

*toate detaliile necesare pentru download se afla in commentul autorului sub poza de preview

Apophysis [download program]

O mica selectie de fractali de-ai mei ca sa stiti ce face Apophysis daca il stapanesti cum trebuie ๐Ÿ˜‰

Factory_secret_by_SfinxMagnum Furious_rotation_by_SfinxMagnum Giger_homage_by_SfinxMagnum Green_vs_Blue_by_SfinxMagnum Twisted_artifact_by_SfinxMagnum Heating_armor_by_SfinxMagnum Heated_platforms_by_SfinxMagnum Tulips_love_by_SfinxMagnum Purple_intrusion_by_SfinxMagnum Nostalgy_surounded_me_by_SfinxMagnum Vampire_legacy_by_SfinxMagnum Locust_transition_by_SfinxMagnum Japan_story_by_SfinxMagnum zzz Neon_vs_Gold_by_SfinxMagnum

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2 Responses

  1. Xyrus02 says:

    Many thanks, appreciate your effort to spread this version ๐Ÿ™‚

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